BIS Sensitization Program Empowers Gram Panchayats

In an endeavour to ensure the effective implementation of government programmes and schemes in villages, BIS has undertaken a comprehensive initiative to sensitize Gram Panchayat Presidents and Secretaries across the country.

BIS, the National Standards Body of India, plays a pivotal role in formulating standards and conducting conformity assessments of products and services. Recognizing the critical importance of adhering to Indian standards for the well-being of citizens, the environment, and the overall quality of products and services, BIS has initiated this outreach program.

The primary objective of this initiative is to instil an understanding of the significance of adhering to Indian Standards among Gram Panchayats and ensuring compliance to these standards while implementing government programs and schemes at the village level. It aims to promote the culture of standardization and benefits of using products conforming to Indian Standards among Gram Panchayats, who play a crucial role in the execution of various government initiatives at the grassroots level.

BIS has communicated to all the 2.4 lakh Gram Panchayats across the country. The Gram Panchayats were provided with booklet of important and useful Indian Standards relevant to different sectors, underlining the importance of adhering to these standards while executing various state, central government programs and schemes by the panchayats. As per Shri Pramod Kumar Tiwari, Director General BIS, “Two-third of Indian population lives in rural areas and therefore, it is imperative that to bring about real change we must work at grassroots. BIS sensitization programmes for Gram Panchayats are the drivers of change for quality consciousness in the country and we anticipate to cover all Gram Panchayats soon.”

Further to this, BIS has also initiated sensitization programmes of Gram Panchayats and has covered more than 1.3 lakh Gram Panchayats. The program is aimed at educating Presidents and Secretaries of Gram Panchayats and Panchayat Samiti members about the significance of BIS standards in their routine life. The programmes were held at block and district levels through the nation-wide network of 38 BIS Branch Offices. By fostering compliance to Indian standards, the initiative aims to enhance the overall quality and safety of government programs and schemes implemented at the village level.

During the programmes, participants were educated about the significance of standards in procuring quality goods for development activities or personal needs. They also downloaded the ‘BIS Care app’ and learned to use it to verify the authenticity of the genuine ISI Mark and Hallmarking, attempting validation on various products. During the programmes, the participants shared their thoughts after the workshop, expressing their amazement at the knowledge gained and the realization that they can directly raise concerns or complaints through the BIS Care App to check the misuse of standard marks.

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